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What is it?

Club Level 1

At this foundation stage, players are learning the fundamentals of the game, and are able to serve and rally from the baseline. More emphasis is now paid to improving overall technique and developing tactical awareness both in singles and doubles.

Players at this stage should have an LTA Rating which allows players to enter competition. It is also advisable to be a British Tennis member.

Both are free and ensure the player is fully up to date with what is happening in British tennis while giving access to tournaments and events.

Club Level 2

Level 2 players should now be more advanced in terms of technique and have experienced different types of competition, such as playing for the junior teams, matchplays or playing in the singles ladder.

ALL players should have an LTA Rating and be British Tennis members. Players at this level should be playing in either NJCL teams or Bucks 2 player leagues.

It is at this stage where aspiring players will progress into either Club Level 3 or even Club Fast Trak and at age 14 can be selected to play for the men's teams.

Club Level 3

For players at a high club standard aged 13 years and over.

ALL players should have an LTA Rating, British Tennis membership, be playing for junior and adult teams and participation in selected tournaments is essential.

At this level, players should be taking competition more seriously at either singles or doubles, and can start to help out with the coaching programme by taking their Level 1 Coaching Assistant Award.

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